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Our Favorite Young Children's Books

Hi. My name is Holly and I was a bookworm growing up. As a teenager, I was known to check up to 20 books out at a time from the library. On weekends I would read from mid-morning until the wee hours of morning the next day. Reading is something I really enjoyed and place importance in. I don't read near as much in terms of books for myself anymore but you can catch me reading to my kids pretty often. Here are some of our most favorite children's books in no particular order:

Where The Wild Things Are

All The World

Curious George books

On The Night You Were Born

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I Love My Mama

Room on the Broom

The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales

The Cat in the Hat

Mama, Do You Love Me?

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

The Magic Tree House books

My Weird School books

I'm sure there are so many more my kids would consider favorites because they truly love to read and be read too but these are the books we come back to over and over again. Our newest favorite in this house are the My Weird School books. I read "It is Halloween, I Am Turning Green" out loud to them in one sitting and they wanted me to read it again. The next morning I woke up to our oldest reading it to his siblings. We're looking forward to reading more My Weird School books. The kids enjoy them, they're pretty goofy, and I enjoy giving the characters different voices when I read them aloud.

I read "Where the Wild Things Are" for the hundred-thousandth time to my 4 year old last night. I want to read the kids "There's a Nightmare in my Closet" every time I read "Where the Wild Things Are" because I'm reminded of that book. My Mom used to read me those two books, one after the other, when I was little.

What books do you like reading to your little ones? Which ones are their favorites? Do you have any book suggestions for us?

Thanksgiving: 26 Things I'm Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving. Today is a day to reflect on the things that matter most in life. Things that aren't things. Things that are people, experiences, necessities.

So without further ado, today and everyday, here are 26 parts of my adult life I highly appreciate and hope to never take for granted.

1-6.) The first 6 on my list are my beautiful, amazing children. Matthew, Jaydalyn, Michael, Mitchell, Mason, and Marley. Ages 10 down to 1, each and every one of them enrich my life. They keep me accountable and motivate me to accomplish my goals. I'm so proud of my kids and thankful for the opportunity to be their Mom. It's an important title and not one I take lightly. I love them so very much.

7.) The love of my life Stephen.  From 2008, to now, to the future... I am head over heels, madly in love with my husband. We were made for each other. He works hard to provide for his family and cares deeply for the kids and I. He shows it everyday. He makes me laugh, he listens, he compromises, he talks to me, he surprises me with sweet gestures. He's passionate about his interests and compassionate about mine. We're simply compatible. I have the utmost respect for this man and I'm so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with him by my side.

8.) The roof over our heads

9.) The food in the pantry and fridge

10.) Clean, running water

11.) Clothing

12.) Shoes

13.) Access to Internet

14.) Electricity

15.) Joey- My cat of 15 years. He's entertaining. We grew up together. Now my kids are growing up with him too. He's hanging out with me as I type this. He's getting old. I'm going to miss him terribly someday when he's gone. The older he gets the more it seems impossible that he won't just be here forever. I'm thankful he's here now. He's a cool cat.

16.) Minion and Morgan- My dogs make me feel safe. Nobody is going to rob my house because hello dogs. Nobody is going to break in when we're home because hello dogs. If someone did attempt either I know they wouldn't try it twice because hello dogs. My dogs are loyal. Annoying sometimes but loyal. Plus they keep my feet warm, save me from extra calories here and there, and love my kids.

17.) Special Education - My daughter has a shot at independence someday thanks to SPED.

18.) Charter Schools - My sons have access to a good education thanks to charter schools because the public schools in this state are 99% awful and failing the children. The STEM school they attend is out of this world awesome and they're getting a great education. If free charter schools weren't a thing, my kids would be screwed.

19.) Correspondence Schools - I was able to graduate actual high school at 23 years old with a million kids. I didn't have to settle for a GED thanks to the existence of the affordable, accredited, correspondence school I attend/ed.

20.) Kindness - from family, from friends, from people I hardly know. Kindness in general.

21.) Understanding - I don't run across it often but when I find members of my tribe that truly understand what it is to be a mother of special needs children I feel a bit more whole and a lot less alone.

22.) Gravity - Without it we'd all be space corpses. Thank you gravity.

23.) Teachers/Paraprofessionals - They not only care for my kids, they teach them things too

24.) Occupational Therapists

25.) Speech Therapists

26.) Physical Therapists

The final three have made such an incredible difference in our lives. We're going to be saying goodbye to all of our early interventionists soon because the little ones are graduating and woooooeee emotions! Our developmental support coordinator has been in our lives for 7 years!

There are so many more thankfuls to list!

If you're reading this I'm also thankful for you. Thank you for your support and interest in my blog.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!