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Hey look! I have a closet floor!

Since my last post we've eliminated at least half a UHaul's worth of stuff from our home. I didn't even realize we had that much random stuff to part with but apparently there is even more we could easily get rid of and not miss.

It's been awesome!

I donated over 20 notebooks to my son's language arts class. We put random pieces of furniture out front with FREE signs on them and they're already gone. We've donated baby gear and boxes up on boxes of things that were just sitting around taking up space. My million and a half shoes for example...

At this rate I'll have all of my spring cleaning done before spring and we won't even need to use a moving truck to move when it's time to move.

"The exquisite lightness of being..."

I don't remember where that quote comes from but I'm feeling it,


You Won't Find Me On Social Media

but if you do...please let me know so I can delete the account!

It's 2016 and this year I'm concentrating even more on living a more simple, minimalistic life. I've begun by downsizing the contents of the townhouse I rent, deleting social media, and eliminating stress of as many forms as possible from my life.

Speaking of eliminating stress, I really need to rehome my cockapoo. He's a jerk. I won't take him to the shelter or the humane society because I don't believe he deserves euthanasia and due to his chronic health issues (antibiotic resistant ear infection that requires daily peroxide) and behavior euthanasia is probably what would happen to him if I surrendered him. My neighbors have called animal control on me because he barks when we're gone, sometimes even when we're home lord save our ears and I've been threatened with fines for the noise disturbance. And I truthfully shouldn't be upset with them for it because a disturbance is an understatement. He barks loudly and excessively and it's a high pitched poodle bark. Poor guy. He likes citrus so the citronella collar won't work. Shock collars are inhumane, and debarking is no longer performed in veterinary offices. He doesn't respond to training, he picks fights with our bully mix (who could swallow him whole if she really wanted to) and other people's dogs or cats, he pees everywhere. (Yes, he's neutered, but apparently he doesn't know that because he's taken to humping all the things) He poops twice his weight, twice a day.He's just not very nice. I rehomed him with Mavis (who was a sweetheart *sad*) when we moved, out of necessity, he was gone for six weeks before he came back to us and he came back worse. I don't know what to do with him but I know he needs to go. It's a very stressful situation. I promised Minion we will never ever get another dog in her lifetime. She is so unhappy right now. He won't leave her alone and the bulldog in her enjoys solitude and long naps. She's very well-trained and loved by all. I've had her for 5 years now, she's not going anywhere and neither is the cat I've had for 15 years. Maybe I'm just not a male dog person? It's very hard to not like/bond with a pet. I've always been fond of animals. I spent the first 16 years of my life crying over roadkill for goodness sakes. I don't understand why we can't click. I've decided it's because he's a Scorpio lol yes I know that's just silly and yes I looked up my dog's horoscope. See how stressed I am?! I just want to find him a good home, carpet free, pet free, neighbor free, responsible owners? Hard to find in my area.

I intend to replace the majority of the furniture I own with more portable versions so that moving isn't such a hassle....floor cushions instead of couches, pop up tables...and when we move we're moving into something smaller. We don't even use half of the square footage in this house and we only use the garage to access our deep freezer.

For every new "thing" that comes into our home we are donating or selling or tossing two of the old.

I'm learning to be more mindful of what I bring into the house, mail for example. We get so much junkmail. Ads etc. I've begun to dread checking it because I'm sick of the sheer amount of just junk, wasted paper that's mailed out. It piles up so fast. Now I stop at the recycle bin and toss everything in before I go back to my house. I very rarely get mail of any importance. If you get a P.O. Box does it limit the amount of junkmail received?

I'm a person that thrives in neat, clutter-free environments. I enjoy experiences more than I do things and I don't require much stuff to feel content. In fact the less stuff I have the more content I feel! I could live in a safari tent so long as I had the ability to meet the basic needs of my children while living in it. (clean water for example)

You won't find me on social media but you might find me exploring the world, learning new things, and making memories with my family.

Happy New Year!