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Random Girl in the mall blows everyone away at the karaokemachine singin...

Isn't this amazing? Wow! I just had to share here on my blog =) Enjoy.

Payless BoGo Rocks! New Fioni Pumps!

I looked down at my oldest son's feet last night and realized he had worn his shoes out in all directions and his feet grew. He needed new shoes right then and there so off we went to Payless to see if we could find the same pair but in a bigger size. He loved his worn-out shoes. Unfortunately we didn't find the same pair but we did find a pair he liked in all of his favorite shoe colors. He's very specific about what colors have to be on his sneakers. My budget for a new pair of shoes for him was $30.00. They were $30 shoes on sale for $12 and the bogo event was going on so I went ahead and got myself a new pair of heels. We got two pairs of shoes for $26 and tax. Sweet. Here are my new shoes!

My favorite shoe brand to get at Payless Shoesource is Fioni. The pumps especially always have great quality and are easy to stomp around in. I love the color of these. I only ever buy shoes on sale and I haven't bought new shoes in over a year so I was pretty psyched. My son is excited about his new kicks too. 

Lullaby Versions of Rock Songs

I discovered these lullaby versions of rock songs by Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star on YouTube last week. My littlest one and I were in the hospital after his pyloromyotomy and neither of us could sleep. I was looking up Battleborn by Five Finger Death Punch and this lullaby version popped up. He immediately relaxed and so I played more. I thought this channel was to cool not to share. These aren't your standard lullabies. Some of them sound like they belong in a psychological thriller. Perfectly creepy yet somehow relaxing.

Lullaby Version of Battleborn by Five Finger Death Punch

Lullaby Version of Coming Undone by Korn

They have all sorts of lullaby versions of rock songs available on their YouTube channel and even more on iTunes. What do you think? Would you play these for your little one?


The Story of Cosmetics - What Poisons Are Lurking in Your Bathroom?

This video comes from The Story of Stuff Project, "a community of 750,000 changemakers worldwide."

I love lipstick. A bold shade of berry or a bright neon pink have become my signature shades. What the heck am I putting on my lips though? Do the companies I trust really deserve my trust? Am I willing to spend more for safer products? What will it take to provide safe and affordable products? Does it really cost more to manufacture safe cosmetics? What companies are already producing safe cosmetics? How can I reduce the amounts of toxins myself and my family are exposed to everyday through the daily use of personal care products?

Let's discuss this topic. I'd love to read your input!


Unicorn Salt and Pepper Shakers

Aren't they the coolest?! I spotted these ceramic unicorn salt and pepper shakers at Target while looking for CR 2032 watch batteries for the baby's food scale and I got struck with the "Awwww those are stinkin' awesome babe seriously! unicorns? seriously! salt and pepper shakers? I am so getting these!" *insert goofy amused by random things grin here*

 Logical reasoning for my purchase:

 1.) They're unicorns
 2.) They're practical. They hold salt and pepper.
 3.) Why not?

and now they're sitting on a stand in my room looking pretty because they don't match my kitchen and they do match my bedroom.



update: I knocked my blue footed unicorn off of my shelf and 3 of his legs broke off. Oops. Now I only have the pink one.